Radio B’s Question Of The Day | ILL MATIC vs REASONABLE DOUBT

Radio B’s Question Of The Day | ILL MATIC vs REASONABLE DOUBT


November 19th, 2014


Which album reigns supreme?
I expect this to be a razor thin debate, but I’ve always been a bigger Jay-Z fan than a Nas fan, but it would be ridiculous to not see this as a tough choice, However…I’m going with Reasonable Doubt. To be honest, both display incredibly golden production as well as lyrics. There’s not a sore thumb on either project. They are both virtually perfect bodies of work. It really comes down to preferences. The point of views are different. The tales are relative, but different. From one angle, you have Jay-Z the hustler. He’s delivering drug dealer lifestyle, psychology and dichotomy to it’s fullest extent. Not just the lifestyle, but the full experience. While with Illmatic you are getting the hood kid that dabbles in the drugs, but is really giving you a full account of what it’s like to LIVE in his environment. You also fully understand that Nas is an emcee on Illmatic. He talks about rap a lot in these songs, where Jay-Z is a self proclaimed hustler first, rapper second. With that being said I still think lyrically Jay-Z outpoints Nas, when in full comparison on these albums. From a word play and metaphorical standpoint Jay is just a step ahead from my point of view.
Anyway enough about my opinion. I’d love to hear what you think!
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  1. Hip Hop Henry says:

    Illmatic, set a new standard when it came to having the right producers that weren’t exactly in the same crew or anything put together a cohesive album.

  2. Redd Handed says:

    From a lyrical standpoint, Illmatic barely….From a production standpoint, Reasonable Doubt barely…Therefore, it’s a tie between the two to me….

  3. J.Good says:

    I’m with Reasonable Doubt with this one. That record moved me more. Could have been because I caught on to Nas later but production wise it was just a better album with better RECORDS. I think it’s the same thing that separates them both to this day. Nas is better lyrically than JAY but when it comes to making records, hov takes the cake.

  4. Kismetj says:

    Reasonable Doubt. While I love the poetics of a good Nas album. I think this one of the first Jay-Z albums that captured, held and wrestled my attention from beat to metaphors. Still an unfair comparison, because they are both equally good in their own right.. I guess it just depends on what kind of day your having. Reasonable Doubt got me to work alot of days when I hated life. So 10points for saving the day, many days lol.

  5. Mr. Hawkins says:

    Ahhh tough.. I put Nas on a list of people who’s work I don’t like with compare with others. His flow is GOD status and Illmatic is flawless. He dropped that tape when he was like 21; probably was writing that in his teens G.. Jay was 27 when he released Reasonable Doubt, and that joint was influenced by Nas without a doubt. No guest appearances on Illmatic and it might have been the most original project out at the time, if not to date. Both classics, and Jay is my favorite all time, but Nas got it.

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