Radio B’s Question Of The Day | Ready To Die v.s. Life After Death

Radio B’s Question Of The Day | Ready To Die v.s. Life After Death


November 20th, 2014


Which is BIG’s Magnum Opus?
Ready to Die vs. Life After Death
The most eerie thing about comparing these two albums is this simple fact… BIG released 2 ALBUMS… One titled… Ready to Die… and one titled… Life After Death… And his life ENDED IN BETWEEN the releases of those 2 albums…Mind boggling to say the least…
It’s interesting that my comparison between Reasonable Doubt, and IllMatic was that it was coming from two different individuals with 2 different point of views. Well…Once again even though Christopher Wallace was the creator of both of these classics….They are still coming from 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT point of views… In hindsight, it sounds like you’re listening to two totally different people almost…
Ready To Die just bled with raw hunger and emotion. It was blatant and offensive. It was ‘eye level street music’ as Michael Millions would say. It wasn’t at all experimental…It was elemental…He was giving you the raw elements of where he was coming from, what he needed, and that he really didn’t give a fuck if he got it or not, because in his eyes…He didn’t really deserve it anyway. He was just looking to make an impression, and did he ever. He left footprints the size of “Sasquatch feet’…Single handedly bringing HipHop’s attention back to the East Coast at a time when the West Coast had the game sewed up. So in essence he became THE MAN…
Life After Death….Enter…THE MAN…The sounds are different…They’re more expansive…The songs are bigger, more elaborate and more melodic. Big’s wings were fully expanded. The lifestyle was grandiose, and Notorious was giving the full scope of how his life had changed so drastically. The tales were more detailed. The lyrics were advanced and much more intricate. This was not the mud that was Ready To Die…This was the caviar…Still the hood nigga, but BOY was he living. Confidence at an all time he was in the booth crooning and experimenting as if the entire HipHop world was his marble floored shower….Sing it BiG…It was refreshing and captivating. He went from nickel and dime hustler and robber…To Kingpin status. Real life rags to riches…and once again…HE WANTED YOU TO KNOW IT.  New flows, new perspective. Big time features, big money talk, but also…Big money paranoia. It always seemed like BiG felt like he didn’t deserve the good life.  All the times on the streets…I’m sure he was in so many more situations to where he could have lost his life. To where he could have been murdered. However it wasn’t until he made it out of Brooklyn and into the bright lights of success…that he was cut down…My heart breaks about that… My pick is Life After Death…We love you BIG…WE MISS YOU…


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  1. What the kats above said fam “Life After Death ” it was potent from the 1st line to the last line.

  2. grind_rep_914 says:

    @ 37 yrs of age .. & being a NYer!! MyPplz & iLIVED THIS SHH!! BOTH were very necessary @ DaTime of Debut!! BROKE nHUNGRY vs iAlready made it .. Now I’m PERFECTING aCRAFT!

    • grind_rep_914 says:

      BOTH REPRESENT 2DiFF Times nMyLife !! HS vs COLLEGE .. I’m a Go with Ready2Die (HS Friends/Memories) #Day1Ninjas

  3. Dr.No says:

    Ready to Die is his best album. A great album. If you’re an artist ,especially if you’re a hip hop artist, this is how you make an album.From start to end .

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