RadioB’s Question of the Day : What is your favorite Rick Ross album?

RadioB’s Question of the Day : What is your favorite Rick Ross album?


November 24th, 2014


What is your favorite Rick Ross album? Where does Hood Billionaire rank?

With the release of Ross’ new album ‘Hood Billionaire’ I have to say as a fan that i’m pleasantly surprised overall. Don’t get me wrong. Ross never puts out a bad album, but I did start to feel like he had fallen a bit too far into his formula. With that being said, I’m not blown away. It’s not on the level of Deeper than Rap or Teflon Don which i think are Ross’ 2 best albums. However, i’m not mad at it at all…Even though he still uses some of the same formulaic flows and cadences that he’s become a bit too known for, those flows still make you move and that’s his style! His production choices on this album gave me a different vibe than Mastermind and God Forgives gave me. I liked those albums as well, but sometimes I get the feeling Ross has peaked. I wouldn’t even say Billionaire is better, but it felt a bit different, and that’s all i really wanted from Rozay for a minute now. Just give me something different. We already know he’s got excellent beat selection, and hooks and flows are always in pocket. This album is just more gutter to me. It’s not as polished up and grandiose as some of the previous albums. It’s street music, and it’s appreciated. It’s definitely ride worthy. My favorites are Phone Tap, Trap Luv, Elvis Presley Blvd, Nickel Rock, and Brimstone

Tell me what you think about Hood Billionaire? and What’s your favorite Ross album? Comment/Vote below


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