Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Manny Pacquiao  Who’s your pick?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Manny Pacquiao Who’s your pick?


February 25th, 2015


The wait is almost over…

The fight the world has wanted for over 5 years is upon us….May 2nd is the date… So who are you picking?

Floyd Mayweather is undefeated. Perfect record of 47-0. The uneducated critic would like to tell you that record is padded, but any true, and honest boxing fan knows that’s not the case.
The last 5 years Floyd Mayweather has fought the very best opposition not named Manny Pacquiao at one of the highest moments of their respective careers (most times as they were champions), and has dispatched each one of them with
relative ease. He is a defensive wizard, with a genius boxing IQ, ring generalship and considerably underrated power and offense. He is undoubtedly the best boxer of this generation, and makes a valid argument for the best fighter of all time.
However, Money Mayweather doesn’t have the best public persona, and these last five years have created the concept that he has been running from Pacman all this time. If you have truly followed this ordeal you would know that there have been many factors that have kept this fight from coming together. The biggest one has been Manny Paquiao’s promoter Bob Arum. Now I could go on and on about this, but what’s the point. THE FIGHT IS MADE!

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has been possibly the most exciting, aggressive and successful fighter of this generation. 2nd to only Floyd Mayweather in terms of success. He is an 8 weight division world title holder. Pacman goes into every fight with the intent on making it an exciting FIGHT. Blinding speed, awkward footwork, and incredible power. Over the last five years Pacman has seen his ups and downs though. Taking a face down KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez in their 4th bout. He also had a very controversial loss on his record to Timothy Bradley in recent years. Manny’s opposition has been limited also. He has not always fought the best competition, and many times they were coming off of a loss of their own. To his defense he hasn’t always had the best choices of opponents either, due to the cold war between his promoter Bob Arum, and the other big name promotion in boxing in the recent years Golden Boy Promotions. However, anyone that steps in the ring with Manny knows there’s significant danger, and that the fight can be turned on it’s head at any given moment.

My Pick: Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.

In my summation this will not be as competitive a fight as everyone believes it will be. Stylistically this is a nightmare for Manny. Manny has shown that he has problems with patient, counter punching fighters with technical skill. Namely Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez kept it razor thin with Manny for 3 fights before ultimately knocking him out in the 4th. This was mainly because Marquez would set traps for Manny, and make him push the action while catching him coming in repeatedly. This is the same style that Floyd Mayweather completely school Marquez with when they fought. Floyd’s skill and boxing ability was far too much for Marquez. Now in every case you cannot go with the triangle theory. This guy beat that guy, so this guy can beat that guy. No…that is not how boxing works. Styles make fights. However in this case that’s the issue. Floyd’s style was made to give Manny fits. Not to mention Floyd has the size and reach advantage. Floyd rarely ever has a size advantage over his opponents, and still manages to get them to all respect his power. So the idea of Floyd being a feather fisted puncher is an ignorant statement to say the least. So now you couple Floyd’s ability to match speed with Manny, with his ability to adapt, be patient and have the range to pick him off coming in. It really looks more and more like a white washing than a war. However this is boxing, and Manny is an amazing talent with an arsenal of weapons. The deck is not stacked in his favor, but it would be ridiculous to say he doesn’t have a chance. I do not however see him being able to come up with many answers for Floyd. He will not have the punch output everyone is used to seeing him dish out. Floyd’s feints and footwork, and positioning will make Manny somewhat gun-shy as we have seen him early in fights with Marquez. The difference here is that Floyd will not make the mistakes Marquez has, and Floyd will not have to work nearly as hard to land shots on Manny as Marquez did, bc of the size, reach and speed advantage that Floyd has in comparison to Marquez.

Decision: Floyd Mayweather Jr by Unanimous decision or TKO

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